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The COVID vaccination programme will be rolling out nationally in the coming weeks. It will begin on 27th February with patients who are 85 years and over being vaccinated first.

This will be followed by a further clinic every two week for the next age cohort (80-84, 75-79, 70- 74).

27th February1st Visit
13th March1st Visit
27th March2nd Visit1st Visit
10th April2nd Visit1st Visit
24th April2nd Visit
8th May2nd Visit

This practice will be vaccinating our over 70’s in the Hub in CIT/ MTU.
The under 70’s will be done onsite in Blackpool.

We will contact all of our patients in due course.

You will be given a date, time and location.

There is no need to ring the Practice. There is no "waiting list" for the vaccine.

There will be enough for all of our patients. Exceptions cannot be made.

We can only vaccinate the specific age range in the specific clinic as we will be sent the exact number of vaccines for each clinic.

This will be a massive logistics operation but we know with your co-operation and understanding we shall have immunised all citizens over 70 who wish to be vaccinated.

Special assistance will be available. ONE COMPANION may accompany you, if necessary.

Please read this document about the vaccine (mentions 21 days as gap, should be 28).

Contact Blackpool Medical Centre to find out more about appointments with our Doctors and Nurses