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  • symptoms of coronavirus

  • before testing for coronavirus

  • awaiting test results

  • if test positive or if close contact with a positive case or travel to an affected area

For further information on self isolation and restricted movement explained please visit the HPSC .IE website

Discontinue self isolation when BOTH afebrile for 5 days AND 14 days since onset of symptoms


Read about the symptoms, causes and treatment of coronavirus
In the coming days/weeks we will be advising some patients to self isolate. There are a lot of questions on the practicalities of same.

The first 30 minutes of this episode of The Late Late Show on RTE 1onMarch 13th does an excellent walk through of the practicalities https://www.rte.ie/player/series/the-late-late-sho...https://www.rte.ie/player/series/the-late-late-sho...

Here are some practical tips


From a practical point of view people need to ensure they still have an income and the Government have put in place measures to support people. Details & application form here https://www.gov.ie/.../be74d3-covid-19-pandemic-un...

You need to submit TWO FORMS. We will complete ONE and you can arrange for someone to collect it on your behalf, if we advise you to self isolate.

You must also contact the Department on 01 2481398 or 1890 800024 and request an IB1 form. You must complete this and return it to the Department (together with our form) in order to get paid.There are plans that the IB1 form may be available online shortly.


The landscape of General Practice is changing daily due to COVID19. Remote & telephone consultations are becoming inevitable.

We would highly recommend all households learn how to take a pulse, buy a thermometer and a blood pressure machine (pharmacy, online, German supermarkets).

Doctors will need this information to assess sick patients.

How to take a pulse

Contact Blackpool Medical Centre to find out more about appointments with our Doctors and Nurses